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Do You Worry About Not Talking Enough? Here is a helpful paradigm shift for you.

Often I work with people who have anxiety about being in social situations. One of the things that they worry about the most is not having enough to say and how people will judge them based on that.

“What if people think i’m too quiet or too shy?”

“What if people think I’m boring?”

In society being seen as shy or introverted can be assumed to be a negative trait and being loud and having a lot to say can be seen as a positive trait. Obviously I don’t agree with this assumption!

What if we actually viewed shyness as a positive thing and something that is a good trait to have? That’s right being quiet and a good listener can actually be a strength!

If you are struggling with your sense of self in social situations reach out and seek help.

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Stressed??! 3 Helpful Steps you can take to gain perspective (Using the Helicopter View)

At different times in life we will all struggle with stress. It’s a pretty normal experience in life. The problem is when we are stressed we often loose perspective. and our unhelpful perspective triggers an increase in our emotions becoming a VISCOUS cycle. I outline 3 steps to help you gain a more helpful perspective to cope better with daily stress.

A certain amount of stress can even be helpful but when our stress levels get too high or we experience stress over a prolonged period of time we can become vulnerable to burn out and are certainly going to have difficulty thinking clearly.

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